2018 Year End Appeal

Dear Friends,

During this season of thanks, I find myself reflecting on family and friends, and the many blessings in our lives. I can’t help but remember my four-legged family members who have had such an impact on my life and those of my children. We carry the memories of our pets, and the lessons learned from their love and companionship, with us throughout our lives. Pets are family. And, this is exactly why I have chosen to volunteer my time to lead West Columbia Gorge Humane Society (WCGHS) and our efforts to help pets in need throughout our community.

As the new Board Chair of WCGHS, I want to share with you why we are celebrating this season and asking for your help, as we continue to grow and improve the service we provide to the animals and families, in this place we call home.

WCGHS is YOUR animal rescue
and resource in Camas and Washougal

For more than 24 years, hard-working staff and volunteers at WCGHS have been providing a safe haven for lost and homeless cats and dogs. Whether we are reuniting a pet with its family or preparing a pet for adoption, we are here every day caring for animals in need.

  • We feed, shelter, and provide medical services to every animal in our care.
  • We spay / neuter every animal we rehome to help manage our local pet population.
  • We provide frustrated pet parents with resources to deal with unwanted behaviors.
  • We reconnect families with their lost pets.
  • We help create “new” families by matching people and pets through adoptions.
  • Through our partnerships, we offer good quality, low-cost veterinary resources for families who can’t afford this care on their own.

We do these things 365 days a year because we are passionate about animal welfare and have made a commitment to help pets and their people in our community. But we cannot do this work without your help as adopters, volunteers, and donors.

And that’s where you come in . . . please read the story of Spirit and Zena and consider the progress we’re making. Think about the connection you have with your animals and the benefits they bring to your life, as well as, your family and friends. Our pets love us unconditionally (well, maybe not our cats!). They happily greet us at the door when we get home late. They comfort us when we are sad, and make us laugh with their silly antics. And they purr and bark and lick their way into our hearts.

I am asking you today to join me in helping these animals. Your contribution supports our efforts to heal them, reunite them with their families, and find them new homes. Please consider giving a generous donation to support West Columbia Gorge Humane Society – YOUR local animal shelter and adoption center.

Thank you,

Michelle “Micki” Simeone
WCGHS Board Chair

SPIRIT the kitten

On a warm June evening, a tiny kitten showed up at our door, in a box, clearly suffering from what appeared to be life-threatening injuries. It broke our hearts when we discovered that our newest rescue had a fractured pelvis in four places and several broken ribs. This tiny kitten was only 4 weeks old and had no use of her back legs or control over her bladder or bowels. We fell in love with this little girl’s big personality, so we named her Spirit, and prayed for her to make it through surgery and recovery.

Within a couple of weeks, Spirit started to use her back legs and regained control over her bladder and bowels. It’s funny how a little kitten being able to poop can make people jump for joy! Within a month, x-rays revealed that Spirit’s bones had miraculously healed! She was medically cleared and ready for her new home.

With a generous donor covering her adoption fee, Spirit quickly found her new family. In fact, they wanted her to have a pal, so they adopted another kitten. Spirit and Mossimo are now playmates for life!

Spirit’s family reports that she is doing well, living the life of a happy, playful kitten!

XENA the dog

Xena was a stray, found alone watching kids play baseball at a Camas park. She was an overweight, 8-year old, 140-pound, Caucasian Ovcharka Shepherd; a lesser-known “giant breed” with an extreme protective instinct. WCGHS took Xena in and provided all of the needed medical care: vaccination, spay, and removal of a small benign tumor, in preparation for adoption. Xena recovered comfortably in a foster home. With love and care, daily walks, and a low-calorie diet, Xena lost 20 pounds and was ready for her new home.

Our search began by reaching out to Caucasian Ovcharka breeders and rescues all over the country looking for advice, tips, and adoption leads. Posting Xena’s profile on a nationwide Caucasian Ovcharka Rescue site, revealed a South Dakota family’s interest.

Following a few Facetime meet-and-greets, and a video “home visit,” the adoption process began. Xena’s new family could not make the trip to Washington to pick her up, so WCGHS arranged for three volunteers to drive the 2,732 mile journey (round-trip) to deliver her.

Xena loved the road trip!

After 135 days in the shelter, and 1,366 miles, Xena finally made it to her forever home. Her new family absolutely loves Xena and she loves them. Going the extra mile made everybody happy!

We Need Your Help!

Helping pets and (their) people in need takes money. We feed and shelter hundreds of animals; wash thousands of loads of laundry every year; clean and sanitize cages every day; provide medical exams, vaccines, microchips and veterinary care to all of our animals; clean and maintain facilities; pay bills; buy and repair equipment; plus don’t forget all the leashes, collars, litter pans, and enrichment tools we purchase. And that’s just some of what we do!

Why do we do all of this?
Because lives depend on it.

That’s where you come in: