“Seniors Love Seniors” Adoption Program

Age is just a number. No matter what your age is, a pet can help you feel young at heart…and we all know love can be found at any age! Our WCGHS matchmakers, will help you find your match made in heaven with our new “Seniors Love Seniors” adoption program. Seniors, aged 65 and over, will be matched up with a senior cat and pay a reduced adoption fee.

Studies have shown that having a pet will help to improve both physical and mental health. Pets have even been known to lower a person’s stress level and blood pressure! And for some, the companionship a pet offers also helps reduce depression and anxiety.

This program also helps senior cats! Unfortunately, senior cats get overlooked in shelters because many people are looking for a kitten or younger cat. The truth is, senior cats are awesome! They are mature, litter box trained and their personality is known. For a senior, this is a bonus because bringing home a senior cat can mean more loving and snuggling and less work! For us at WCGHS, we see matching up a senior with a senior as a win-win. Our older cats can find love and a forever home, and seniors will reap the mental and physical health benefits from having a wonderful animal companion.

WCGHS has a select group of senior cats that are available for adoption through our “Seniors Love Seniors” program. For anyone 65 years of age or older, the adoption fee for these wonderful cats is only $25! And they come vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and treated for parasites.

To learn which of our cats qualify for this program, contact us at (360) 835-3464 or adoptions@wcghs.org.

Note: Senior citizen discount does not apply to cats in our “Seniors Love Seniors” Program.