Animal Control

Any dogs that are picked up by Camas/Washougal Animal Control are brought to WCGHS to be held until claimed. WCGHS will post photos of these dogs on our Facebook page. You can also check to see if your dog has been impounded on the Animal Control website at:

Animal Control dogs are held in our shelter for a period of five days. After five days, if the dog has not been claimed by its owner, it will become a resident of WCGHS and placed up for adoption.

How to claim your dog:

If you dog has been impounded, you can contact the shelter to claim it during open hours of 9:00 am -2:00 pm, Monday-Saturday.

If the shelter is closed, please contact Animal Control to release your dog.

To claim your dog, you are required to pay impound/boarding fees which are based on the number of calendar days your dog was impounded. All fees must be paid prior to your dog’s release. You may call the shelter to get an estimate of your total fees.

How to Pay your Fees:

Before paying your fees, go to the shelter to identify your dog. You will then receive an invoice number. Fees may be paid by cash or check at Washougal City Hall, located at 1701 C Street, Washougal, WA. Their phone is 360-835-8501.

Credit card payments can be accepted at the shelter or done online at:

Go to the eGovPlus Portal and follow directions from there.

WCGHS Dog Shelter Contact: (360) 335-0941

Animal Control Contact: (360) 835-8701, Press 1 or 311 (Non-Emergency)