Need spay/neuter assistance?

West Columbia Gorge Humane Society does not provide spay/neuter services to the public; however, we have compiled a list of local resources who do. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at


Spaying or Neutering

One of the most important health decisions pet owners make is to spay or neuter their pet. Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that require general anesthesia with minimal hospitalization, yet offer lifelong health and behavior benefits for your pet. What’s more, your pet will not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem in the U.S. Many low-cost or free spay/neuter options are available in our area.

Clark County & Portland-Metro Community Spay/Neuter Assistance Programs

Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW)

Tel: (360) 213-2632

  • The Humane Society of Southwest Washington offers programs for qualifying families in Clark County. This may include vaccinations, food assistance, and spay/neuters.
  • Spay & Save services are by appointment only and pet owners must be able to prove that they are receiving government assistance or qualify as a low income household.

Oregon Spay & Neuter Fund

Tel:  (503) 286-2411

  • Dog and cat spay/neuter
  • Low-cost co-payment with coupon available to anyone

People United For Animals

  • Dog and cat spay/neuter
  • Low-cost co-payment with coupon available to low-income families and caretakers of feral/stray cats

Second Chance Companions

  • Dog and cat spay/neuter
  • Low-cost co-pay per animal
  • Visit website for program details

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (North Portland)

Tel:  (503) 797-2606

  • Stray/feral cats and kitten spay/neuter available to anyone
  • Low-cost donation requested
  • Includes vaccinations and flea treatment
  • Humane trap loans for refundable deposit

Spay and Save Program – Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP)

Tel:  (800) 345-SPAY (7729)

  • Spay/neuter for cats and kittens
  • The cost for a spay/neuter through this program is $15 for those who qualify. For those who do not qualify, there are other low-income options available. There are several surgical partners throughout the Portland Metro area including Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW). See website for details.

Justice for Animal Welfare Society (JAWS)

Tel:  (360) 693-8521

  • Dog and cat spay/neuter
  • Low-cost spay/neuter assistance for applicants who meet the Federal/State guidelines for low-income or receive assistance from the government. JAWS is solely funded for applicants of Clark County.