Foster Volunteer Program

Animal Foster Volunteer Program

BibsWho Can I Foster?

One of the most important programs at WCGHS is the Foster Volunteer Program. Foster Volunteers swoop in to save the day and open their homes to animals when they need short- or medium-term care and attention.

Reasons for Foster Care:

  • Animals recovering from medical procedures, such as spay/neuter, dental, or even amputations
  • Pregnant mammas awaiting delivery
  • Kittens or puppies with immune systems that are not strong enough for shelter living
  • Animals who need special socializing or training
  • Animals who do not do well emotionally or behaviorally in a shelter setting
  • When the shelter is filled to capacity yet there is an animal needing us

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do animals stay in foster care?

Animals can stay in foster care for as little as a weekend to a few months, depending on the needs of the animal in your care and the time commitment you are interested in making.

Can I still foster if I have pets of my own?

Yes!  Keep in mind though there is always the possibility of a health risk when exposing your pets to other animals in any setting.  However, if your pets are in good health and current on vaccinations, the risk in minimal.

What expenses are involved in fostering an animal?

WCGHS provides all medical care for animals in foster homes, including vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries and medications.  WCGHS can also provide food and litter if needed.  The Foster Volunteer provides housing, bedding, toys, exercise, socialization and lots of LOVE!

I’ve never cared for kittens before, will you train me?

Yes!  We can provide training on how to care for animals with special needs.

Become a Foster Volunteer:

If you are interested in fostering, please complete a WCGHS Foster Family Agreement and review the Foster Volunteer Handbook.  Completed forms can be emailed to or dropped off at our shelter.  Our Foster Care Coordinator will educate you on how to care for our animals and help ensure that you are able to offer the best environment.

Already a Foster Volunteer?

If you are already fostering an animal, please make sure to complete the Foster Animal Report Card each week.  This report card assists us in providing information to potential adopters on behaviors, personality and how the animal will work for their family. The report card can be downloaded and turned into the shelter or completed online.

Foster Animal Report Card Download