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Our No-Contact Adoption Process

Step 1 – Application – Fill out an adoption application below.
Step 2 – Phone Meeting – Once application is approved, someone from the WCGHS team will reach out to schedule a phone call.
Step 3 – Scheduling Pick-Up – If the animal is over 16 weeks of age, we will schedule a no-contact pick-up at the shelter. You will be allowed to take the pet home for a three-day trial to ensure they fit well in your family.  If the third day falls on a Sunday, it will be a four-day trial period.
If the animal is under 16 weeks of age, we will work with you to finalize paperwork and payment and then schedule no-contact pick-up at the shelter. See step five.
Step 4 – Pick-Up Process – Cats will be delivered to your car in a complementary cardboard carrier.
Dogs will be in the play yard with a WCGHS representative. Adopters will be advised to walk in through the gate, bringing their own leash, and while maintaining social distancing of 6 feet, will be introduced to the adopters before taking them off-leash. The adopters will then use their own leash and then exit the yard.
Step 5 – Finalizing – Over 16 weeks: After 3-4 days the adopters will receive a text message with a link to finalize adoption.
Under 16 weeks: Paperwork and payment will be completed prior to pick-up. A text message with a link to finalize adoption will be sent.

Post Adoption Support Articles

For tips on dog to dog introductions from San Francisco SPCA click here
For tips on cat to cat and dog to cat introductions from San Francisco SPCA click here

Begin Your Journey to Pet Adoption

WCGHS works hard to find homes for every pet. Our adoption counselors will work with you to make sure you and your new pet are the right fit.

Adoption criteria

  • Adopter must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid photo ID.
  • Renters must provide a copy of their Renter’s Policy (or written letter from landlord) stating specific guidelines for what type of animals are permitted on the property.
  • All members of the household must agree to the adoption and meet the pet prior to finalizing the adoption.
  • You must meet any special requirements that have been set for the specific pet you are interested in adopting.

Adoption Holds

For a fee of $25 adopters may place a hold on an available animal after completing an application. This fee is non-refundable and may not be applied to the adoption fee. Holds are valid for 24 hours. Please note that your hold fee does not guarantee approval of adoption application.

All WCGHS cats and dogs go home:

  1. Spayed or neutered
  2. Microchipped
  3. Vaccines current to age of pet
  4. Up-to-date on parasite control
  5. Free post-adoption vet appointment with WellHaven Pet Health

Adoption Fees:


Up to 6 Months Old

$400 – $600*

7 Months to 2+ Years Old

$250 – $400*

3 to 6+ Years Old

$150 – $300*

7+ Years Old

$50 – $100

*Premium pricing may apply


Up to 6 Months Old


7 Months to 2+ Years Old


3 to 6+ Years Old


7+ Years Old


PLEASE NOTE: We only accept cash and all major credit cards. County and/or City animal licensing fees are not included.

We offer a 15% discount on adoption fees for Cats, & for Dogs, to individuals who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Seniors – aged 60 and up
  • Military
  • Veterans

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