What is the adoption process?

To see our adoptable pets and submit an application visit wcghs.org/adopt

What is the adoption process for kittens?

What does Pre-Adoption mean and how do you snag one of our adorable kittens? 

    • Submit an application: wcghs.org/adopt
    • An application cannot be applied to a kitten until they are marked in Kitten Watch as available for Pre-Adoption or Adoption (Pre-Adoption means they are too young to go home with their new families).
    • Once the kitten(s) that you are interested in are posted as “Available,” it is your responsibility to contact the shelter to apply your application to that specific kitten(s). You can apply your application via phone call, email to adoptions@wcghs.org, or by commenting directly on the post.
    • Kittens are adopted to the first approved applicant who contacts WCGHS.
Do you accept open bags of food?
Yes, we do! If we can’t use it for our in-shelter pets, we can use it to supply  partners of our pet food pantry with food. 
What are your donation hours?
Our donation hours are Monday-Saturday 12pm until 5pm. After hour donations can be left inside the dog house out front of the dog shelter.
How do I mail a donation?
You can mail donations to: PO BOX 270 Washougal WA 98671
What spay/neuter low cost options do you have?
WCGHS does not currently offer low cost spay/neuter options. 
How do I surrender my animal?

Information on surrendering a pet can be found at wcghs.org/pet-surrender

Do you offer food assistance?

WCGHS supplies food support through our partners at Meals on Wheels and Refuel. You can also schedule an appointment to pick up food directly from the shelter.

Do you have a wishlist?
Yes! Please visit our Amazon Wishlist
How can I become a volunteer?
To apply to volunteer, please visit: wcghs.org/volunteer 
How do I report animal cruelty or neglect?
You will need to file a report with Animal Control. For inside the city limits of Camas/Washougal you call non emergency at 311 and ask to be dispatched to an animal control officer for camas and Washougal. For outside the city limits of Camas and Washougal you will call non emergency at 311 and ask to be dispatched to Clark County Animal Control.
What do I do if I found a stray animal?
If you have found a stray dog or cat within the city limits of Camas and Washougal you can bring them to shelter during normal business hours. If you have found a stray dog outside of business contact Animal Control for pick up. If you have found a stray animal outside of the city limits of Camas and Washougal please contact The Humane Society of Southwest Washington. 
I have a feral cat, what can you do to help me?
We have humane traps for rent for you to transport the feral cat for TNR. For trap rentals we require a $40.00 refundable deposit, and it is a $10.00 a week charge.

WCGHS does not have the means to rehome/relocate feral cats

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