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West Columbia Gorge Humane Society (WCGHS) is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, animal shelter located in Washougal, Washington

Established in 1994, our programs and services are carried out by a small staff and over 200 volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of animals in need from our community and beyond. Thousands of pets and people are the recipients of our compassionate care and assistance each year.


To save the lives of pets and provide resources that keep pets and their people together.


Our vision is for all pets to live healthy lives, in loving homes.


WCGHS embraces and fosters a culture of kindness, respect, compassion and integrity towards all pets and people.

WCGHS is focused on bettering the lives of both pets and their people in our community.

This is why we are committed to these tenets of socially conscious animal sheltering:

Finding placement for every healthy or treatable animal.

Ensuring unwanted or homeless pets have a safe place to go for shelter and care.
Assessing the medical and behavioral needs of unwanted or homeless animals and ensuring these needs are thoughtfully addressed.
Aligning shelter policy with the needs of the community.
Alleviating suffering and making conscientious decisions regarding euthanasia based on the health and safety of the animal. 
Enhancing the human-animal bond through proper matchmaking and post adoption support.

Annual Impact Report

Pets and Their People Saved/Served/Supported in 2023


Total Volunteer Hours


Pounds of Pet Food Distributed to Community


Pets Spayed or Neutered


Pet Supply Items Distributed to Community


Pets Adopted


Pets Fostered


Cats Helped Through Trap, Neuter, Release Program


Recipients of Community Pet Assistance


Pets Transferred in Through Rescue Partnerships


Lost Pets Reunited with Family

Facts About WCGHS

WCGHS believes that sheltering should be based on the principle that each animal is an individual with its own story.

We believe that animals deserve the utmost respect and are cared for in the most compassionate manner.  When animals are placed in our care, we take into consideration our capacity for meeting their needs, the safety of the community, and the quality of life of both pets and people. 

Our campus consists of two separate buildings; one for dogs and one for cats.

We also have an extensive foster home network, and we operate an adoption center located inside our local PetSmart.  Like all shelters, we have limited space and resources, but when we accept an animal into our care, we make a lifetime commitment to its well being.

By definition, WCGHS has been what is known as a “no-kill” shelter since its inception because of our over 90% save rate.

We have chosen to no longer use the term “no-kill” to describe our mission due to backlash toward shelters who are unable to meet this criteria.  In parts of the U.S., and pockets of the Northwest, there are shelters who must euthanize healthy animals because they have no space or resources to care for them.  At WCGHS we are fortunate to not be put into a positon where we have to euthanize for time or space; therefore, by collaborating with these overburdened organizations, we are able to help them by transporting animals to WCGHS in an effort to save lives and place these animals in loving homes.

WCGHS relies on individual and corporate donations, as well as grants from foundations to fund our programs and services.

We host two fundraising events per year: “A Tail to Remember” Dinner & Auction and “Hike on the Dike” – Walk/Run for the Animals. WCGHS does not receive any portion of dues or donations paid to national organizations or other humane societies. WCGHS operates independently of any other shelter group.

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