A Tail To Remember's Place of Honor for April 2021
Lori Kinslow and Mel Caylor

Hi.  My name is Emma – well, really, formally Emma Jean.  Sitting with me is my bestie, Tom …. I prefer to call him “Tom Cat”.

I was born in 2013 and that’s the same year that I adopted my folks, Tom and Sue Gideon.  I realized early on that not all 4-leggeds had the same opportunities that I had living in a safe home with plenty of food.  I convinced my folks to begin donating to West Columbia Gorge Humane Society in 2015.  I love all the good that is provided for the less fortunate cats and dogs, helping them find their forever homes.

I’ve been asked to share something unique about myself.  Well, I was born with a few extra toes … 22 total (no brag, just fact).  I’m often asked “What do I do with all those extra toes – don’t they just get in the way”?  Well, I use the extras like a thumb.  I’ve taught myself to open and close lever handled doors.  I have to admit that it comes in quite handy at times.  

I must say, I really enjoyed the WCGHS online auction last year – I don’t normally get to attend these important functions.  It was a real treat to learn about all of the support and good being provided to the 4-leggeds that need the help.

I am excited to be part of the June WCGHS website since my birthday falls in June.  Wishing all the WCGHS dogs and cats many, many happy birthdays to come.