A Tail To Remember's Place of Honor for April 2021
Lori Kinslow and Mel Caylor

1. How long have you supported WCGHS?

I’ve been supporting WCGHS by donating and volunteering since 2013.

2. Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

I have three cats.  Xena, who is very shy, was a semi-feral cat socialized at Larch Prison.  Purrcee, who acts like a dog, greets people at the door.  And Sapphire, my lap girl, was the first pregnant cat I ever fostered.

3. What do you love about WCGHS?

There is so much I love about WCGHS.  I love that its primary focus is on the animals.  I love that WCGHS gives volunteers the opportunity to learn new things and allows hands-on participation to help animals directly.  I love that WCGHS helps not only animals in the shelter, but also in the community.  And that it helps people in our community to be able to provide for their pets.  I love the friendships I’ve made with other volunteers.  And I love the variety of things I’ve been trusted to help with.