A Tail To Remember's Place of Honor for April 2021
Lori Kinslow and Mel Caylor

1. How long have you supported WCGHS?

My pawrents rescued me in 2016 when I was just a wee little puppy and have raised me in the WCGHS Family. I have never known life outside of supporting WCGHS and hope I never have to!

2. Tell us two fun facts about yourself?

I’m told I perform some pretty important jobs for WCGHS, but for me it’s all play and no work! One of my strengths is being understanding and respectful of other dogs. Some dogs have had experiences in their past that have caused them to not want to play with other dogs. I am very sensitive to reading this and make sure that WCGHS knows this so they can accommodate this preference for those pups. Sometimes I meet dogs that want to be my buddy, but haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with other four legged pals like myself, so they are a little shy at first. I’m able to hang out with them at their pace to help them learn to be best buds with other dogs. I’ve met so many canine buddies at WCGHS, and just love hosting doggy playgroups while WCGHS finds them their forever homes.

3. What do you love about WCGHS?

My ABSOLUTE favorite thing is when I get to spend time with the kitties at WCGHS! I don’t understand it at all, but apparently some kitties just don’t like me no matter how nice or respectul I am. It’s a huge bummer for me because I think kitties are the best thing ever, but I’m told that when this happens, I’m still helping the kitties out by letting WCGHS know this about them. That way WCGHS can help the kitty find a pooch free home and live happily ever after!