A Tail To Remember's Place of Honor for April 2021
Lori Kinslow and Mel Caylor

1. How long have you supported WCGHS?

Our family first got involved with WCGHS back in 2013.  We went to meet a dog and ended up signing up for volunteering.  It was the best decision we ever made!

2. Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

Albert (aka Bert), our American Bully, is four years old.  He is half English Bulldog and half Staffordshire Terrier.  He’s an absolute clown!  We rescued him at birth.  He was just two days old when we got him.  We bottle fed him and raised him up to be the big boy he is today.  All 88 pounds of him!  He’s the biggest, laziest baby in the whole wide world!  He loves people and doesn’t like to sleep alone.  When he’s tired, he stands near one of us and whines and cries until someone takes him to bed.  Then he wants to be buried under the covers.  Bert lives to be with his family and loves to go on adventures with us.  We take him pretty much everywhere we can.  He especially likes camping at the beach, boating and going on hikes. 

Alfred (aka Fred), is our other dog in kitty form!  He is a young, long-hair Tuxedo.  He is a new addition to our family.  Our first cat!  He is an absolute love.  He is sweet, cuddly and very social.  He comes when called and is very chatty. He also loves to be bathed and groomed.  He was found as a stray in Camas.  He was a little beat up from living on the streets but he has turned into a gorgeous, healthy kitty.  Fred loves to play.  Especially at night when we are trying to sleep.  That’s when he turns into “Dennis the Menace”!  He’s a wild man at night.  He chews up our shoes and anything else he can get his little teeth on.  He’s worse than a puppy!  But, we put up with it because he has the best personality and loves his dog, Bert!

3. What do you love about WCGHS?

We love so many things about WCGHS.  Too many to list!  To name just a few, we are honored to have an animal shelter in our hometown that is dedicated to saving the lives of pets and providing resources to keep pets and their people together.  WCGHS goes out of its way to give each and every pet what it needs to live a happy, healthy life.  And, they make a lifetime commitment to the pets they serve.  That means that if something happens to a pet they place in a home, they will take it back to ensure it is given a chance to find a new home.  No pet wants to find itself in a shelter but the ones who land at WCGHS are lucky to be there because they receive the best care and are treated like family during their stay!