Every year I sit down at my computer to draft the year-end appeal letter. It’s a critical piece of a nonprofit’s development plan and to me the most important one because it allows me to reflect on the past year’s happenings and appreciate all of the support we receive from YOU…the best supporters on the planet! I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more, we can’t do what we do without YOU…fueling our mission…believing in us…encouraging and inspiring us… every step of the way.

It truly takes a village to run an animal shelter. At WCGHS we have just six full time employees. Four of which work in the shelter with the animals. It’s a small staff and we run lean. We like it this way. It keeps our costs down and we keep a pulse on the beat of every animal in our care. We can do this because we have over 100 active volunteers who help us do the work. Everything from getting smothered in puppy kisses to treating very ill cats. Everyday is a new adventure.

Shelter staff and volunteers are often asked how we do it? We all have a different version of the answer but it is essentially the same…how can we not? Once you’ve worked in animal welfare, seen the animals and heard their stories, you can’t unsee or unhear them. When you’re looking an animal in the eye and know you’re their only hope, how do you turn a blind eye? You don’t.

The work we do is very stressful at times, especially now. Nationally, there are 7.3% more cats and dogs entering shelters than there are leaving. For WCGHS, our adoption numbers are down 25% for dogs and 20% for cats. It is a difficult time in animal welfare. But, how can we stop? Who will help these innocent animals?

We can’t imagine not doing this work. Sure, there are days that are so hard, we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we want to cry (and we do), but, with the help of our donors, volunteers, fosters, and community partners, we keep going…knowing the light will come.

Relentless optimism.
Relentless hope.
Relentless determination.
That’s how we do it.

So please keep fueling our little engine by donating generously and giving your time and attention to the cause. The success of our mission depends on you. Together, we are pooling resources, saving lives and supporting those who need a little extra help – we are bettering the lives of the pets and people in our community!

I have included a few highlights of the lives we saved or supported this year. Thank you for being a part of their stories. Your partnership means the world to us!

With warm regards and many thanks,

Micki Simeone, Executive Director

Cats, Cats & More Cats

This year, we have seen more felines in need than ever before. Since July, WCGHS has helped over 30 cats and kittens from just one private residence. This house was home to many cats – young, unaltered and pregnant. The
situation had become unmanageable. Many of the cats were shy and nervous. Surprisingly, just a few of the cats had medical issues, which we quickly treated. Large projects like this are challenging and a strain on shelter resources. Fortunately, our network of fosters and volunteers, combined with our spay/neuter program have allowed us to prepare all of these cats for adoption. To view our adoptable cats, please visit wcghs.org/adopt

 To help avoid overpopulation, please spay or neuter your pets!

Going the Extra Mile

Sultan, a beautiful, young dog, is still with us and currently enrolled in a behavior modification program through a facility that unites veterinary medicine with behavior training. Shortly after intake, we discovered he has severe dry eye and recurring conjunctivitis, likely due to an autoimmune issue. Unfortunately, due to the pain of his condition and fear associated with the administration of his medication, Sultan becomes reactive when receiving his eye drops. Because of this, two specialists recommended medical/behavioral euthanasia; however, we feel that with the veterinary team in place, Sultan can be reconditioned and learn to accept his treatments without fear. This is very costly but necessary for his quality of life and adoptability. And he’s worth it!

 Sultan is a prime example of why we are in animal welfare. He is a sweet, gentle boy, who deserves a chance at finding his forever home. In partnership with our supporters, we will do everything in our power to save the lives of pets like Sultan.

Vaccinations Save Pets’ Lives

Last Summer, we took in a mama cat named Joyce and her four kittens. Within weeks they all became ill. With treatment, they started to recover, except the smallest girl, Robin. After testing, we realized that she had feline panleukopenia, a highly contagious viral cat disease caused by feline parvovirus. Sadly, after seven days of intensive care, Robin lost her battle. Against the odds, Joyce and her three kittens fully recovered and have found loving homes.

 Vaccinations can prevent feline parvovirus infection and many other life-threatening illnesses. Vaccinations are just as important for strictly indoor cats, as they are for indoor/outdoor cats because viruses are everywhere in the environment. WCGHS provides vaccinations to all the pets who come into our care. Please vaccinate your pets, it could save their lives!

Give now to help a dog or a cat live a long, healthy life!

$30 – pet food for three animals
$65 – temporary boarding up to 5 days
$150 – spay/neuter for one dog or cat
$275 – care for a litter of puppies or kittens

$500 – dental cleaning/surgery
$750 – mission critical in-house medical supplies
$1000 – emergency medical treatment for a community pet
Other – $___________

*suggested amounts represent possible donation outcomes

Donate online:

to 41444

Checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 270
Washougal, WA 98671

Email: info@wcghs.org
Call: 360.835.3464

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